Phelps Falls On Purpose to Revive “Hall of Meat”

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - Among a number of happenings at this week’s Dolores hill bomb debacle was Thrasher Magazine’s editor-in-chief Jake Phelps eating pavement and getting loaded into an ambulance after taking the hill. Onlookers were stunned, as it is well-known that Phelps skates this hill regularly, often in the early morning hours to avoid traffic.


Today, details are emerging that suggest the fall may not have been accidental. With the standards of Thrasher’s Hall of Meat feature in a downward spiral, sources suggest that Phelps was actually trying to inspire the youth to send it to the pavement even harder. “The falls up there lately have been pussy shit,” San Francisco skate icon Andy Roy told us, “you’ve got Zion getting a shinner, Chase Webb with the standard Rincon bail, and Peter Hewitt sliding down a bowl - all in the past month. Phelps wanted to take things back to the essence of a proper Hall of Meat.”


Now out of the hospital, Phelps is left to wait and see how his stunt will resonate with the skate community.